Monday, August 3, 2009

Jillian at 2

Jillian is now 2 and turning 3 in October.
Jillian was bilaterally implanted in December 2008, Thanks to The Baker family (Rhyan's Hope) and a family that donated 100% to their foundation.

We met this "family" back in March 2008 at Courtney's home in Orlando, Florida. We met, shared stories and became family over a delicious dinner one afternoon. By the end of the evening we all felt as though we had know each other for years. Our children, all about the same age and another family that had joined us with some similarities in hearing loss. We gain hope, knowledge and common intrests!

As you all know from reading previous "blogs" on Jillian, she has had a number of challenges from birth.
Jillian was successfully implanted in December 2008. The surgery was a little longer then most parents would like (4+ hours) and through it all we knew she was in good hands with God, the doctor, and all the prayers from family and friends! (thank you)

Jillian's right ear will always be stronger then her left ear. Not only was she implanted in her right ear first but she also has all 22 channels in that ear.
Due to a large amount of scar tissue found during surgery the doctor was able to give her 16 of the 22 channels. Which was still an amazing outcome after the amount of scar tissue that was found in front and behind her left Cochlear.

Jillian was delayed with her moder skills. She started crawling at 15+ and no desire to stand or walk on her own. Which I have to add if the Olympics held crawling as competitive sport, she would have won a Gold Metal!
With much therapy (All Children's Hospital) she was given a walker (thanks to Early Steps)to help with her with walking and balance.

In November 2008 her Great-Grandparents ( Nani, Bapi and Uncle Art) visited us for Thanksgiving..... Knowing a room full and audience, she decided she was going to "furniture surf" for the first time! Which how great is that....85+ Great Grandparents to witness her first step!

Shortly after Jillian under went her second implant in December, a few days later she took her first steps! The funny thing was that ABC action news was here in our home taping Jillian's progress and was able to film it all! click under health (Jillian Ray)
(Thank you, Linda and John)

Like I said earlier, Jillian has become successful with her bilateral implants. Her vocabulary is about 20+ words. She is very comical, expresses herself VERY well, is always determined to learn and has a loving, warm heart. She is amazing! She teaches me more about life then I could have ever imagined! God Bless her!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

12+ Months....

I am finally up and running only a year+ later!Aloft of changes have taken place in the last 12 months. In the next few days I will try to update this page, as quickly as possible so that I can start blogging the present! Going forward this blog of Jillian will remain updated! I'm also in the process of updates on both my girls and I need to add their most recent pictures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jillian's having fun!

I know, way too long without updating "lil Jilly's" progress......She is doing phenomenal!
She is now 19 months, and she is starting to realize the value that her CI holds.
For the past three months she hasn't wanted much to do with her processor, she would fight us to put it on and fight us to keep it on. I felt as though she loves the sound of silence and doesn't want to hear any noises or sounds.
I will continue to fight for her second implant and at some point, when Jillian is able to make her own decisions and if she chooses not to wear her device and would like to remain a life in silence, I will RESPECT her decision.
I will remind her that this is a GIFT from God and that this was His plan for her.
I have only wanted her to have choices in life and never wanted her to be limited.
I wouldn't feel as though I fulfilled my Motherhood in making any other decision.
When the doctor told me that she was Deaf, my next question was "what can I do to help her", The CI, was not a decision or question between John and I, It was a demand.

There is a doctor at our Church that told me "wait about 5-6 years before you get her implanted in her left ear." Of course I knew where he was going with this conversation, but on the same hand I appreciated his concern. He stated that "you never know where technology will be in the next few years and may be able to give her something more." He's right, BUT, I'm not willing to wait. These are the most important years in her life to learn her vowels, consonants and to learn how to communicate verbally. She needs to be able to hear now. I don't doubt that there won't be something more advanced in the next few years with maybe less therapy, but what if there isn't? She will be able to develop, successfully with a CI, and she will get her second one within time. I'm not willing to take chances when it comes to my daughter's! They deserve only the best!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Jillian's Little Special!

"Our little star's" web sites has been updated!
If you missed the program from Saturday night or are out of the viewing area you can view the special on

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This brings you to the picture of Jillian and her story posted.

To the right of the article shows a small T.V. picture screen "click on Play" and you can view her special!

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this brings you to some informative web sites, including Jillian's Blog and also the web site ( ) that has selected Jillian for the next candidate to been given her second Implant with the funds that will be raised!

About a week ago, my Mom picked up Isabelle to go shopping. I took advantage of Izzy being gone and interacted with just Jillian. She of course had her processor on as always and brought her into the toy room.
Isabelle was given this awesome play house for Christmas, from her Grandma (Candy) and Aunt(Maranda and Paulina) In each of the rooms of this house the appliances make noise, the phone rings, the tea pot on the stove whistles, the and the babies bedroom plays nursery rhymes.
Jillian responded to all of the noises. She picked up the phone after it rang and dances to the nursery rhymes! It brought a big smile to my face, tears came to my eyes knowing that she could hear these sounds. Whether they're the same sounds as you and I hear on a daily basis, she heard something to get her to react to what she was playing with!

Some may ask....If she can hear out of her one implant why isn't that enough?
Would it be okay for you or I to be born with ONE hearing ear?
I wear glasses and contacts, would it be okay if my Mom or Dad said you can see out of ONE eye??